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Robertp Tapia Faces His Fear

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Robertp Tapia Faces His Fear
Robertp Tapia Faces His Fear

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Roberto Tapia opens 2020 facing his fears and determined to get out of his comfort zone. What made you undertake this new adventure? The Mexican singer, who these days has asked for prayers for his mother to improve, told us everything exclusively.

You are happy with your new album …

Forever rancher. I feel very committed and happy it is a new genre for me. For me mariachi represents Mexican culture. Dare to do something different like this.

Roberto Tapia
Roberto Tapia

Were you afraid?

Yes, it did get him out, he was in a comfort area [with] the band music, the northerner. When I made the decision to make the album, it was when I entrusted myself to Medellín, Colombia, and I realized that the mariachi over there was a hit. I went out partying and saw the reaction of the people and I said to myself 'no Tapia, you have to do mariachi that everywhere you like'. After there, I arrived in Culiacán and went to the studio.

Why listen to this album?

Mariachi is spectacular music, we all know that. They are songs that have to do with my adolescence, from what I have heard. And well they are the rolls with which I also started to give myself some delicious drinks (laughs).

How was 2019?

Every year for me, it has been a lot of learning especially in the last three years that I have had to learn more about the business and especially open ideas like my new album with Mariachi. It has gone very well for me, I have made a lot of mistakes and that has helped me to grow. I have realized where I was failing.

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