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Geraldine Bazán Bikini Video In Nayarit Mexico

Geraldine Bazán Bikini Video In Nayarit Mexico
Geraldine Bazán Bikini Video In Nayarit Mexico

Video: Geraldine Bazán Bikini Video In Nayarit Mexico

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It never ceases to amaze us! If a few days ago Geraldine Bazán gave us a new touch in her look with some spectacular extensions that scared her, now she does the same thing again from the beach where she has shared some fun moments with her longtime friends.

In a breathtaking bikini, the actress looked more wild, sexy and daring than ever. We do not say it, the images speak for themselves. The protagonist of Momentos thanked her colleagues, responsible for these super photos and received an endless list of compliments.

At 36 he lives a golden stage. Single and committed to her daughters, Elissa and Miranda, Geraldine looks to the horizon with hope and hope.


The thing did not stop there, she also dared to go out to sea dressed in tight jeans and a tiny top that made her look especially beautiful. The actress, who has a special sparkle in her eyes, published a collection of photographs in her Instagram stories where she demonstrates her skills as a model.

In addition to posing, he also made a beautiful reflection on his life in a most emotional writing. "Today I want to thank God, life for being a healthy woman, for having the blessing of being a mother, working in what I am passionate about, having my mother, brother, family, unconditional and loving friends, TO YOU who day to day they share with me this path called life”, she expressed sincerely.

With his eyes on the future, he gave thanks to the not so good lived in recent times. “I am grateful for understanding that I cannot change the past, but I can learn the lessons of my actions. And to be able to walk with my heart and look full of hope for what I still have to live, "he concluded. Precious words!

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