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Celia Lora Returns To Jail, Now For Public Disorder

Celia Lora Returns To Jail, Now For Public Disorder
Celia Lora Returns To Jail, Now For Public Disorder

Video: Celia Lora Returns To Jail, Now For Public Disorder

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The scandal definitely haunts her. This time the Mexican model Celia Lora takes the headlines after being arrested for disturbing public order in the paradisiacal Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

When she's not posing for Playboy magazine, harshly commenting on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador or taking off her clothes in front of the cameras, the daughter of El Tri leader Alex Lora is involved in trouble.

According to the Mexican press, the model was arrested last weekend during her vacation in Playa del Carmen for disturbing public order after a meeting with friends.

These reports indicate that the authorities responded to complaints from residents of the place where the controversial model was located.

It seems that something was not to the liking of Celia, who confronted the officers and created a scandal accusing the agents of thieves for allegedly having stolen several jewelry, according to the media.

However, the head of the government agency office that made the arrest, Jorge Robles, assured that Celia's statements were totally false.

"I was present at the time he entered the separos [detention center]. None of the elements stole any piece from him,”Robles told SDP Noticias newspaper.

In addition, he added that at the time of the arrest, the girl was only wearing a bathing suit, with which she was put behind bars.

In any case, the young woman's stay in the dungeon was short, since she posted bail almost immediately to regain freedom.

So far, the model has not spoken about it and on her social networks she continues to share photos of her sunny beach vacation in which she celebrated Mexico's Independence Day.

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