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Justin Bieber Releases Natural Deodorant

Justin Bieber Releases Natural Deodorant
Justin Bieber Releases Natural Deodorant

Video: Justin Bieber Releases Natural Deodorant

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Video: Justin Bieber Releasing Natural Deodorant as Part of Mental Health Focus 2023, January

From a very young age, Justin Bieber became everyone's darling. And, at a young age, the singer showed his incredible talent. Although we have seen him grow before the public eye and we have also seen him screw up countless times, Bieber is still one of the best known and most followed artists in the world, so everything he does always becomes news. Over the years, in addition to his talent for composing and singing, the singer has also been involved in fashion projects, and now he surprised us with a new adventure, one we did not expect.

The artist teamed up with natural products brand Schmidt's to create a new deodorant from that brand that was christened Here + Now. The product, like all of Schmidt's, will be made with ingredients derived from plants and cruelty-free. In addition, it will have a special essence, created by the artist in conjunction with the company's creative team.

"Our creative team has worked closely with Justin and his team to realize his vision," Michael Cammarata, the company's CEO, told People. “They have been involved in everything, which has made this collaboration a lot of fun. It is very important to us that he, his team and his fans love this product as much as we do.”

The deodorant, made for sensitive skin has floral and woody notes, as well as spicy citrus, is available right now on Schmidts.com, but only for 48 hours. It will be in the fall when I get to pharmacies. So, if you are a fan of the artist and you like natural products, don't wait and buy yours now.

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