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Farruko: In The Lyrics Of Another From HBO Latino
Farruko: In The Lyrics Of Another From HBO Latino

Video: Farruko: In The Lyrics Of Another From HBO Latino

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Video: Pedro Capó, Farruko - Calma (Lyrics) 2023, January

The reggaetonist strips naked in Farruko: in the lyrics of another, a special Latin hbo concert in which the 28-year-old artist will sing songs from his idols, while confessing things he has never said before. "They are going to see how mature I am."

What would you highlight about this project that opens on August 23 at 8 pm EST?

It was a great experience, it is a way of going back in time, of explaining how one fell in love with music and showing one's growth as a person.


In addition to interpreting songs by, among others, Jerry Rivera and Ricardo Arjona, what will we see of you?

People are going to have fun because they are well recognized songs by great artists and composers, and it is an experience to give them [my musical touch]. [Also] I talk about my childhood.

Do you regret something

Everything for better or for worse has brought me a positive result, of growth. These are moments that I would not erase, maybe they were painful or it was a bad decision, [but] when time passes one sees the why of things.


What do you love to do as a family?

I love the sea, it makes me feel good.

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