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Jennifer Lopez Leggings Niyama Sol Subscription Box

Jennifer Lopez Leggings Niyama Sol Subscription Box
Jennifer Lopez Leggings Niyama Sol Subscription Box

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Video: Niyama Sol SOL BOX Review + Unboxing (Plus 10% off coupon code!) 2023, February

The truth is that there is nothing that Jennifer cannot do and she has already demonstrated it on many occasions. The artist always has more than one project on the horizon and even after all her success and time in show business, she continues to reinvent herself. As if finishing filming her new movie and being in the middle of her It's My Party: The Live Celebration tour weren't enough, López is now embarking on a new adventure.

As you will remember, last year the artist joined the Niyama Sol brand with which she launched a whole collection of leggings that celebrated her successful career and that are illustrated with some of the most important and iconic moments of her career, as well as with the lyrics of some of his songs. Well now, the actress also made a selection of her favorite sports pants from that brand and these will be available in a subscription box, limited edition, to be launched by Niyama Sol.

This month's box, which is worth a pair of lenses from the collection the singer made in collaboration with Quay Australia, as well as a butt mask and necklace, among other things.

Best of all, both leggings are made of 85% recycled plastic and the box where all these items are packed is also made of recycled material.

Each month the box will have different leggings just like other items. So you are not going to have things repeated.

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