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Fashion Unicorns
Fashion Unicorns

Video: Fashion Unicorns

Video: Fashion Unicorns
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Since the eyebrows of the Cara Delevingne model inspired us to go from epilating tweezers, that style of more populated and natural eyebrows has become a trend. Some celebrities are taking this look one step further, leaving their unicorns natural and showing off them on social networks.

We love that people love each other the way they are, so we couldn't agree more with this trend. If you are thinking of trying it or just curious to see how these beauties show off their unicelines, do not miss their photos below.

Greek model and art student Sophia Hadjipanteli is one of the main promoters of the #UnibrowMovement. The blonde constantly posts photos of her impressive face and refuses to fall into the standards of beauty set by society. She likes her brows so much that she even dyes them black to make them stand out even more.

"I'm not really doing this to show people that they have to like [my one-brow]," he said this month in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. "I do it to show people that they can get on with their lives and have a preference."


Instagram user @Miakahloo has also joined the unichair fashion. Here, the dark-skinned beauty poses in front of the camera with a challenging and very sexy look, adding a fiery touch with llama emojis.


Along with Hadjipanteli, the model Scarlett Costello has also fiercely joined this au naturel aesthetic. "The drama is not going for me so you can save the theatrical," he wrote with this selfie. Costello has also defended her natural look in a recent interview for Teen Vogue in which she stated that she believes that everyone looks better the way their genes did. "The self confidence that comes with accepting your natural beauty is what makes it great," he said.

On Instagram, he also expressed his gratitude to Interview Magazine for photographing a report in which his eyebrows without waxing and body hair appeared. "I am very happy that the industry is evolving beyond traditional standards and recognizing the beauty of each person, not just those who fit in a mold."

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