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The Best Pieces For Back To Class
The Best Pieces For Back To Class

Many children have returned to school, but there are still a large number of children and adolescents who are still making the last preparations to start the school year on the right foot, or rather, the moms are a little stressed arranging everything for their children. children do not lack anything. With so much running you may very well forget some much-needed things. That is why we asked fashion expert Lilliana Vásquez to tell us what are those pieces that students need to look supercool and above all very comfortable.

Lilliana, what are the coolest trends for back to school?

This season has a lot of fun trends. For example, one of the key pieces that cannot be missing are the denim pieces. Overalls, shirts or denim sneakers. This is a material that has to be on everyone's list. Velvet also provides texture and is a fun 90s trend.

Give us some tips so that moms know how to combine outfits so that their children look cool, but also comfortable

The athleisure or sports fashion trend offers endless opportunities to create comfortable and cool looks. The varsity jackets and hoodies along with sporty leggings with fun prints for girls or fitted pants for boys, complete relaxed but very in looks.

What key pieces should families who do not have a big budget buy?

To stay within your budget, you must select your garments strategically. You should focus on the classic, [like] jeans, embossed shirts, and plaid pieces, which can be combined with other pieces like patch jackets or fun sunglasses.

What are the best colors or patterns to use during the school year?

Denim pieces and patches are all over the place, and in unexpected places like shoes and backpacks. Velvet adds a retro touch to looks. Also the stripes or the animal print, is in everything, from the sporty to the most classic.

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