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Giselle Blondet's Beauty Secrets
Giselle Blondet's Beauty Secrets

Video: Giselle Blondet's Beauty Secrets

Video: Giselle Blondet's Beauty Secrets
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Giselle Blondet
Giselle Blondet

It is not a secret that Giselle Blondet, 52, is one of the celebrities who best maintains her face and figure. The Puerto Rican actress and presenter shares with us the infallible beauty secrets that help her always look young and radiant.

In addition, the driver, who will soon launch her line of casual clothing, underwear and pajamas, confesses to us what she likes to spend her money on and the part of her face that she likes to highlight the most when it comes to applying makeup.

What do you use to make your skin always look perfect?

Hydration is very important to me. A dermatologist once told me that one should only take a glass of Gatorade to hydrate the skin. I don't do it all the time but when I feel dry skin I like to do it. When I get out of the bathroom and my skin is still wet, I am fascinated by putting oil on my body. I like those that smell like almond, vanilla, and coconut. [Of course] I don't like to do processes that require me to spend hours doing things to myself.

What other treatment do you use to keep the skin soft?

I really like to use brown sugar with honey. I also [use] coffee. I grab the coffee grounds, put it on my scrub, mix it and put it on. It is very good, it leaves my skin very soft. Exfoliation is very important.

Giselle Blondet
Giselle Blondet

You have enviable hair How do you take care of it?

At one point my hair was a little weak. It was very funny because they gave me advice every time I went. I ended up doing it all. I took the biotin, I put the birth control pills in the shampoo and in the conditioner. I also bought prenatal pills because they have folic acid. I don't know what worked, but my hair got really shiny.

What do you like to highlight on your face when applying makeup?

Actually, what I really like is to use the lip moisturizer or a gloss. I don't wear makeup if I'm not working. When I put makeup on for myself the eyes are very important. Many makeup artists try to change my eye shape because I have sad, slightly droopy eyes. The eyes are very important because they speak about your personality, who you are. The fallen eye and just like sad, I like it.

You are always very fashionable, what pieces do you like to invest in?

Unfortunately I love shoes, wallets and watches. I don't use them all the time but in my house I have a collection. I like to have good watches.

The shoes also seem to me to be important. But I have learned that one cannot put on a shoe, however beautiful it is if your feet hurt. It can't be, why do we have to suffer like this? Well no, sorry. I did it for a long time. I have shoes that are very uncomfortable but they are beautiful and there I have them.

Do you have a brand preference?

I use what I like and I feel it suits me. When things are very trendy I try to buy them cheap. I like to invest in the clothes that I think I will have forever, in something more classic. I have shoes, wallets, clothes, which are unique pieces. They cost me faces but there they are and I still use them. I don't mind repeating either. You can repeat the pieces and play with the accessories”.

What fashion advice would you give your fans?

Sometimes we don't have to buy as much and we have to learn how to buy. I love mix and match. It is not how much the piece you are going to wear costs, it is rather how you put it on and what you combine it with.

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