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Génesis Rodríguez: Her Beauty Routine Is As Real As Her
Génesis Rodríguez: Her Beauty Routine Is As Real As Her

Video: Génesis Rodríguez: Her Beauty Routine Is As Real As Her

Video: Génesis Rodríguez: Her Beauty Routine Is As Real As Her
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Genesis Rodríguez
Genesis Rodríguez

Génesis Rodríguez is not just one of the most up-and-coming bicultural and bilingual Latino stars in Hollywood, appearing alongside major names in the medium. Her beauty and hair also play an essential role in her life. Case in point? The actress is one of the new Ambassadors of Superior Preference, of the L'Oreal Paris brand. We were fortunate to speak to her about all things beauty, her clumsiest makeup moments, and the products she may never need.

On growing up in Miami and how he controls the humidity in my hair:

“I really try to proudly wear my own moisture waves. Forget about a volume drying in Miami or, if you want, do something super smooth because it will still fall out after hours. Sometimes it's so hot that all I want is braids, Frida Kahlo. It's perfect because it takes that horrible sweat off your neck and your hair stays intact."

The strangest place where she has made up:

“Without a doubt, in the back of a taxi. Once, I had my Uber driver stop at CVS - I was already working with L'Oreal and would only have asked them to - but I bought the entire collection and got ready there in the car. It's hard! Taxi drivers don't respect when you're putting on eyeliner, but I managed as best I could.”

On her own look:

“I don't know how to get the best makeup, so I'm going for sure: a 'cat's eye' and mascara. If I know it will be a night where I am going to drink wine or eat too much, I avoid lipstick because it will still disappear in hours”.

His favorite music to get ready:

“I like New Order or David Bowie. I love to dance! Bowie's 'Fame' just puts me in my zone.”

The essential products in his routine:

“I am not short of my hair masks. People tend to forget how amazing they are and thanks to them I have healthy, long and healthy hair. I pay close attention to it. I put on a hair serum every time I get out of the shower and every week I hydrate thoroughly with a mask.”

Your “spa” days at home:

“'Spa Sundays' are days when I don't normally leave my house. I start by exfoliating my entire body, including the face. Then I apply intense moisturizers and focus on my skin - I do a lot of face and neck masks and believe me, I look crazy. Sometimes I put on gloves and socks. I remember that once I put homemade bleach on my teeth and there it seemed from another world”.

As for the pressure to look pretty all the time:

“I like it. I mean, who doesn't like grooming? Maybe I don't do it myself, so I enjoy every second of the process. But in "real life," I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. I stick to my sunscreen and maybe a little bit of mascara, that way my skin breathes. I keep it real and to a minimum.”

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