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Spring Orange
Spring Orange

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Video: Spring Orange
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Citrus-based products
Citrus-based products

With the heat the dreaded humidity reaches our hair, but do not worry, here we recommend products with natural citrus to counteract the effect. Celebrities can attest to that.

Justina Machado

If you want your hair to look healthy like that of the actress from Six Feet Under, try Sun Repair Treatment, from the limited edition Biolage Sunsorials, by Matrix, which will protect you from the elements.

Zoë Saldaña

The shine and ease of hair of the co-star of The Curse of Father Cardona can be achieved with the smoothing cream Let's Jam! SoftSheen-Carson's Heat Styles.

Ana María Canseco

For the beautiful presenter, who lives practically in front of the cameras, Samy's Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner are essential in her hair care routine.

Paola Rey

The curls of the actress in The Woman in the Mirror show off a versatility that can be achieved with Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti-Frizz Cream, which hydrates wonderfully.


Now that the beautiful Mexican singer has a lighter tone, the best to hydrate her hair and protect it from the heat is the Fresh Fusion Nourishing Milk Revitalize, by Citré Shine.

Eva Longoria

If you're trying to look exotic and fresh as the co-star of the Desperate Housewives (ABC) series, you need to try L'Oréal's conditioner for the VIVE Smooth- Intense System line.

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