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Marc Clotet Creates Campaign To End The Coronavirus

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Marc Clotet Creates Campaign To End The Coronavirus
Marc Clotet Creates Campaign To End The Coronavirus

Video: Marc Clotet Creates Campaign To End The Coronavirus

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Video: Boris Johnson announces end to Covid restrictions on 19 July 2023, February


Spanish actor Marc Clotet, exclusively explains the details of the #YoMeCorono campaign to raise funds for the investigation of a vaccine that cures the coronavirus, led by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, father of the actor.

In just five days, this campaign has exceeded 700,000 euros and already has the support of personalities such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Paula Echevarría, Sharon Stone, Iván Sánchez, among others.

What is the campaign?

Given this situation of being here at home, it occurred to us to create an initiative, a campaign to create funds that my father directs.

What is raised goes to research, unlike other donations that go to medical supplies. My father has been researching HIV for more than 30 years and there are more than 150 researchers working for the vaccine. Now, with the spread of the coronavirus, they have turned their efforts to find the coronavirus vaccine.

Marc Clotet
Marc Clotet

They are applying the HIV vaccine model they have for the coronavirus and creating a model that will kill the coronavirus in all possible mutations that the virus may have.

[Chloroquine is being used] to see the result it has, either in patients who have been infected, to lower the viral load with patients who are not yet infected and who have been in contact with patients who do. That would start in a week.

How can you donate?

Paypal and through www.yomecorono.com I understand that there are people who do not have coverage or basic needs, so it is impossible to demand anything.

This moment has to make us reflect and change the course of the world. If they donate a euro or a dollar it helps a lot.

[Also] we must fight to make the world more equal. It is not right that there is so much difference between people who do not have much and people who do not have anything and in situations like this we see that we are all in the same boat and we are just as vulnerable and we have to help each other.

Marc Clotet
Marc Clotet

Courtesy of Marc Clotet

What call would you make to all the people who are suffering from the pandemic right now?

I understand and am aware that apart from a health crisis we are experiencing a global economic crisis, that asking for money now costs a lot and that generates some rejection, but the only way to get out of this situation is with science and research and that scientists manage to find the cure for this disease. What we need is to win the battle possible. If someone who cannot is not being forced, but the people who can donate one euro to do so, one dollar, people who can do more, do it with more.

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