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Gaby Espino Is Going To Be An Aunt

Gaby Espino Is Going To Be An Aunt
Gaby Espino Is Going To Be An Aunt

Video: Gaby Espino Is Going To Be An Aunt

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The arrival of a baby is always very appealing news to give. Through the networks we found out that Gaby Espino became an aunt again. Her twin sister Andreíana anticipated on her Instagram profile that she would finally see the dream of becoming a mother again, at 41 years old.

And not only that. In an emotional publication, he made public the secret that all parents and relatives want to know, the sex of the baby. It's a baby! Which means that the marketing specialist will have the long-awaited couple because she is the mother of another son, Pedrito.

"I share part 2, the most exciting, when we find out that she is a GIRL. I think my jumps say it all," said the happy mom in her publication. With a I'm going to be aunt! Gaby also let the excitement of this good news for the whole family.

The actress, also a mother of two children, Nickolás and Oriana, will surely give you good advice with the arrival of the princess. Let's remember that Gaby's daughter is an expert in networks and promises to follow in the footsteps of her mom. Congratulations on this great news and enjoy this special moment.

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