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Michelle Renaud And Zoraida Gómez Underwear Show

Michelle Renaud And Zoraida Gómez Underwear Show
Michelle Renaud And Zoraida Gómez Underwear Show

Video: Michelle Renaud And Zoraida Gómez Underwear Show

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Video: ZORAIDA GOMEZ SEXY 2023, January

They are young, beautiful and have spectacular bodies. Michelle Renaud and Zoraida Gómez, who were part of the cast of the successful youth telenovela of Televisa Rebelde 15 years ago, set fire to social networks on Thursday when they starred in an impromptu parade in underwear.

The recording in which both Mexican actresses show off the sexiest clothes while playing Victoria's Secret models surpassed the half a million views in just a few hours and reached more than a thousand comments, most compliments and flattery.

"When you play that you are a model of Victoria's Secret", Renaud wrote next to the video in which the Mexican actress Florencia de Saracho also appears, although in her case somewhat more covered.

The spectacular physicists of the actresses generated endless reactions in networks.

"They will not be models, but angels" or "you are better than those of Victoria's Secret", are just a small sample of the comments that flooded the sexy publication.

As expected, not everyone thought the video was right, so there was no shortage of the person who soon criticized Renaud for sharing such material on his networks.

“It is disrespectful to upload almost naked videos. They are followed by minors and later they too will want to do the same. Those are intimate photos that should not be shown on Instagram,”wrote one of the almost 3 million people who follow her on Instagram.

Direct and without hair on the tongue, Danilo Carrera's girlfriend did not hesitate to defend her right to share on her social networks what she considers appropriate.

“Instagram is not for minors. In other words, write anything to your parents that they are doing wrong by letting them have it”, answered bluntly Michelle.

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