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Who Is Sofía Castro's New Boyfriend?

Who Is Sofía Castro's New Boyfriend?
Who Is Sofía Castro's New Boyfriend?

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That she had found love again after finishing her courtship with Mexican actor Juan Pablo Gil was an open secret. The actress herself let him glimpse with the romantic images she shared through her social networks. What we did not know, since Angélica Rivera's daughter was reluctant to reveal it, was the identity of the heartthrob who had managed to conquer her heart.

The mystery came to an end this Tuesday. Sofía Castro officially presented on Instagram the handsome and muscular heartthrob who restored his faith in love after several failed relationships.

"Yes, he is my boyfriend," confirmed the 22-year-old interpreter along with a romantic snapshot in which she appears lying on her chest.

But who is he?

His name is Pablo Bernot and what little is known about him is that he is the brother of Lorenza Bernot, a former participant in the Miss Universe contest and the wife of businessman Diego Cuaik, according to the magazine Clase.

Sofia and Pablo have only been in the relationship for a few months, but the courtship seems to be going wonderfully, judging by how in love they have been seen.

On a professional level, the daughter of Angélica Rivera also goes through one of the sweetest moments of her career with her participation in the recently released Univision series The Dragon, where she plays Kenya, a computer specialist who keeps many secrets.

“It was a super important challenge for me to create this character, for everything it took to build it. It touches on a very important issue, which is the abuse of women, and it goes through many stages in history,”the young actress, excited about her character, advanced to People en Español weeks ago.

The dragon airs Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern on Univision.

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