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José José Will Be Buried In Mexico

José José Will Be Buried In Mexico
José José Will Be Buried In Mexico

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It has been a few days of much pain and uncertainty, but the love and respect for José José has prevailed and the singer will receive the tribute he deserves. After a hard media confrontation of their sons Sarita, José Joel and Marysol, the brothers finally reached an agreement and made peace, as their father would have wished.

María Celeste Arrarás' Al Rojo Vivo program, which has closely followed the family case, was able to speak with the Mexican consul in Miami who finally confirmed what everyone wanted to know: there will be a tribute in Mexico and they are already organizing the transfer of the body to your country of origin.

This was how Jonathan Chait told it in an interview to the Telemundo space where he also advanced what are the requirements to carry out the repatriation.

"Their objective is to give him the respect his father deserves for who he is, for what he represents for Mexico and for the world, so obviously the objective is to give him the ceremony he deserves with the figure that José José is for his country" the consul advanced.

For this, the repatriation of the body will be necessary, a process that, as described, is simple. First, the death must be certified with the act that so dictates, the transfer permit and another series of documents that must be processed by the singer's family who lives in Miami, that is, his wife and daughter Sarita.

As ARV has indicated, the process is already underway and will be carried out very soon because the joint desire is that the admired singer rest forever in his beloved Mexico. "As the next of kin have mentioned, the objective is for Mr. José José to be buried in Mexico," the consul confirmed after the brothers' reconciliation.

The Mexican government already plans several tributes to José José but the last word is from the family. Everything points to the fact that as on other occasions with great stars, the Palace of Fine Arts is the place where it is done, but it has not yet been defined whether it will be so. What is a fact is that Mexico awaits you with open arms.

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