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Pennsylvania Child Drowns

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Pennsylvania Child Drowns
Pennsylvania Child Drowns

Video: Pennsylvania Child Drowns

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Video: Pool rescue 2023, February

Police in Folcroft, Pennsylvania are investigating the tragic death of a 13-year-old boy who drowned after sneaking into the pool with three friends at a private Pennsylvania club.

According to William Bair, Folcroft Police Chief, the incident occurred this Wednesday around 1:00 am at the Folcroft Swim Club, located in the aforementioned town northwest of Philadelphia.

Blair explained that somehow the deceased and his friends managed to jump over the premises' security fence and went swimming in the deepest part of the huge pool. At one point one of them got on the diving board while another was waiting for him down in the water holding a float, according to FOX-29 Philadelphia.

That's when the tragedy happened. "He was going to jump in and use that [the float] but when he fell into the water the float was on the baton and the float got away from everyone, I guess then it all turned into a fight." Finding nothing to hold on to, the victim sank to the bottom of the water.

The tragedy occurred in part because none of the boys reportedly knew how to swim. Fortunately one of them had a cell phone and was able to give notice of what happened. "[A] 15-year-old boy was the only one with a cell phone, he stopped and realized, hey, I have to call," Blair explained.

Official message from the club after the tragedy occurred:



"A tragic accident has occurred in the swimming club this morning," spokesmen for the sports center reported on their Facebook page. "Four teens entered the property. after the closing, apparently to 'go swimming'. The police were called around 1:00 am by one of the teenagers and when the police arrived they found the unconscious young man in the deepest part of the pool.”

"We want to thank the rescuers who provided their assistance in this terrible event," he said to himself. "We want to ask everyone to keep families involved in their thoughts and prayers at this time."

The identity of the young man who died has not been revealed so far.

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