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The 5 Latin Promises Of Fashion Week
The 5 Latin Promises Of Fashion Week

Video: The 5 Latin Promises Of Fashion Week

Video: The 5 Latin Promises Of Fashion Week
Video: Sam Kazemi In Latin Fashion Week, 2016 سام کاظمی 2023, March
The 5 Latino Designers of the Art Institutes - Design by Maria D'Ocon
The 5 Latino Designers of the Art Institutes - Design by Maria D'Ocon

Nine students from the fashion design career at The Art Institutes had the opportunity to showcase their collections during New York Fashion Week. The chosen ones competed nationally to gain the opportunity to show their creations and of them five are Latino. From the romantic collection of the Spanish María D'Ocon to the futuristic pieces of the Peruvian Mimmy Begozo, the young designers showed their great talent and the unique style that allowed them to win the competition.

NYFW September 2016 - Spanish Speaking Designers
NYFW September 2016 - Spanish Speaking Designers

From left to right Designs by Julissa Arrington, Melody Hernández, María D'Ocon


Born in Barcelona and based in Miami, D'Ocon focuses on bridal collections and haute couture. She has had the experience of working for Pronovias and is currently working on special requests for weddings and special occasions.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding dresses?

It comes from my culture and my Spanish land. Above all, I was inspired by artists such as Antoni Gaudí, Dalí and Picasso. They have always brought me great influence since I was little and I have always liked to transmit their art in my designs.

Why did you choose to focus on wedding designs?

Because being a bride on the wedding day is the most special moment. It is not design for design, it is design for that person, for that occasion and that perfect moment.

Who are the designers you admire the most?

Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. And from Pronovias Manuel Mota and Hervé Moreau.


The designer currently living in San Francisco attributes her creative talent to her Colombian mother. In January it will take out a capsule collection that will be sold through its website.

What did you want to convey with this collection?

It is the fate of a person in a mental institute. The collection is about the patient's relationship with the doctors and makes us ask ourselves the question, 'Which of the two is really crazy?'

What inspired you?

I started reading books by famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Frida Kahlo, artists who fought mental problems. From there I began to research hospitals and my collection was inspired by the patient's gowns and nurses' uniforms.


This talented Peruvian designer is also an engineer and unites the two disciplines to make avant-garde and couture creations. Begazo was accepted to take a master class at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs school in Paris where she will design pieces in collaboration with Maison Lesage and Atelier Lognon.

What is the idea behind your collection?

The healthy future, because this collection talks about anti-radiation. It is a collection that is about fabrics that protect the body against the effects of radiation emitted by electronic devices. For me it is very important because as an engineer I see so many computers and so many people who get sick from radiation. So these fabrics from my collection allow us not to have it in the body.

What fabrics are they?

The main fabrics are technological fabrics that contain nickel, copper and silver. This is what protects the body from the radiation of all electronic devices.

How long have you been designing clothes?

Since I went to live in Miami almost 4 years ago. I always liked fashion. I have a grandmother who had a boutique in Lima and my great-grandmother used to sew. My mom, since she is so little, designed everything for me and making clothes is something super normal.

NYFW September 2016 - Spanish Speaking Designers
NYFW September 2016 - Spanish Speaking Designers

From left to right Designs by Mimmy Begoza, Rene Mejía


This designer who grew up in El Salvador was inspired by his mother who worked as a seamstress. He is currently studying in Florida and his collection is characterized by its elegance and classic elements.

What is the inspiration for your collection?

It comes from a painting by Edgar Degas from the dancers' rehearsal. From that I took all the color palette, the silhouettes and also the fabrics.

What does being at NYFW mean to you?

It is the greatest thing in the world. It is a great step in my career.


The recent graduate, of Mexican descent, aims to minimize fast fashion and reinforce the importance of quality over quantity.

How would you describe your collection?

It is a mix between the pieces you see on the catwalks and the clothes you see on the streets. Combine the two to create something that is very usable. There are many pieces that can be interchanged to use together or alone.

How did you react when you found out that you were chosen to come to NYFW?

I cried a lot! I thought there was no way they were going to love me, but here I am! This was my goal and well I did it and I couldn't be happier.

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