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José José's Body Will Arrive In Mexico

José José's Body Will Arrive In Mexico
José José's Body Will Arrive In Mexico

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After days of uncertainty and controversy, José Joel confirmed the whereabouts of the body of his father, the singer José José, and assured that the family is preparing everything to pay tribute to the deceased Prince of Song.

The intervention of the Mexican consulate in Miami finally managed to reunite the singer's children on Tuesday afternoon. José Joel, Marysol and Sarita Sosa were able to dialogue and reach an agreement to give the Mexican icon holy burial.

According to the oldest of the brothers, the family is united to celebrate a deserved tribute to his father.

"Yesterday was a very interesting, wonderful day," José Joel assured the media at the exit of the funeral home in Miami where the singer's remains are located. "We are united as a family right now to accomplish the task that is to give a funeral with all the honor, a tribute with all my love to my lord father to our prince."

Although he did not confirm whether he managed to see the body of his father as he had been demanding, the singer and actor assured that they are currently embalming and preparing him at the Caballero Rivero funeral parlor in Little Havana to be able to transfer him to Mexico, where the last goodbye would take place..

According to the Mexican press, the spokesman for the Mexican presidential office confirmed that the body could arrive in the Aztec country between Sunday and Tuesday of next week, to be honored between October 8 and 9 in a place still decide.

“An agreement was reached [with the family] that the body be transferred to Mexico City. There is still no precise day, it is possible that between Sunday and Tuesday the body arrives in the city and a tribute can be paid, "said the spokesman, Jesús Ramírez.

Ramírez assured the media that there will be two tributes: one with a present body and the other with a call for a karaoke to interpret the prince's successes.

In addition, he revealed that the Mexican consulate in Miami approached the family, since it was in the public interest to be able to pay tribute to the singer and that despite the family conflict regarding the fate of the body, the family finally decided to move to Mexico City.

“We have reached the necessary agreements for [the tributes]. We will have the pleasure of being able to share with Miami-Mexico, Mexico-Miami. We are perfectly willing to do everything honorable and honorable that our father deserves, but above all for the great artist that he was and for all the love that we know Mexico and all Latin America has ", commented Marysol through social networks.

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