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Colombian Singers Falls

Colombian Singers Falls
Colombian Singers Falls

Video: Colombian Singers Falls

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The worst fear of each artist is to make a piece of paper on the stage. This is why they and their team spend hours before each presentation to check that every detail of production, equipment, stages, lights, sound and each instrument is in place.

However, things do not always go as planned since, with so much to organize, something can happen to someone and, pow !, everything goes to the floor.

Such was the case of the Colombian singer Hebert Vargas, ex-vocalist of Los Gigantes del Vallenato, who broke the stage when jumping while singing.

In a video broadcast by Blog Vallenato, the interpreter was caught jumping during the euphoria of one of his songs in an establishment near Cali, the floor of the platform collapsed and it opened a hole. The artist went to the floor causing concern among the hundreds of fans and his colleagues in the orchestra, who ran to help him.


Luckily everything went well and Vargas came out unscathed and with the same energy to continue counting on a smile on his face.

"Thank you very much! This is part of the show. It was not planned, but we are alive,”said the Vallenatero when saying goodbye.

Tremendous farewell!

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