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Jenni Rivera Pete Salgado

Jenni Rivera Pete Salgado
Jenni Rivera Pete Salgado

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Video: Inesperada muerte del exmanager de Jenni Rivera, Pete Salgado | Suelta La Sopa | Entretenimiento 2023, January

Pete Salgado, who was the manager of the late singer Jenni Rivera, has passed away. This was confirmed by various sources assuring that the author and friend of the Diva de la Banda died this Sunday.

"Despite the disagreements we had with him, Pete Salgado was part of our lives and my mother really loved him when he was here," Johnny López, the youngest son of the Mexican-American singer, exclaimed in a tweet. With that said, his wife and children are in the thoughts of my family. I hope now I can talk to my mom."

"Pete Salgado, thanks for believing in me, we work many projects together," journalist Ninette Ríos, a collaborator of Salgado, wrote for her part in an Instagram post. "Friend we are going to miss you my deepest condolences to all your family and may God give them all the strength to continue on."

Gabo Vázkez, a partner at Salgado, also confirmed the death. Still, the details of the unexpected death have yet to emerge.

Salgado authored Her name was Dolores: The Jenn I Met (Harper Collins), an unauthorized biography of Jenni Rivera. “Pete Salgado was a fundamental support in Jenni's career, and considered him as her fifth brother. Salgado worked with her for almost a decade and helped negotiate many of her contracts. Jenni shared things with him, which she did not share with anyone else, and she got to know her in ways that no one else did,”said part of the book that went on sale in 2017.

Said publication generated a series of problems between Salgado and the Rivera clan that even went to court with a demand for $ 10 million that had not yet concluded at the time of Salgado's death, as confirmed by the Suelta la Sopa (Telemundo) program.

Rest in peace.

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