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Kenya Ontiveros Talks About Larrymania
Kenya Ontiveros Talks About Larrymania

Video: Kenya Ontiveros Talks About Larrymania

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Video: TRENDing with Larry Hernandez and Kenia Ontiveros 2023, February

What surprises will your husband Larry Hernández give us?

Larry is unique for this, I sometimes tell him that I don't know how he comes out with so many things. Makes you laugh a lot. It won't stop.

Why you have to see this eighth season that opens on September 15 by Universo?

Must be seen because it is super comic. It also has its family and sad moments. There will be laughter and crying.


The success of the series is due to…

[That] everything is real. People love us for it. To the girls, Larry's children, they all love us. See how we live together as a family. And they say: 'If they can, we can too'.

Instagram Larry Hernández
Instagram Larry Hernández

What has been the most difficult moment you have had as a family?

When Larry had an accident. You think things can't happen to you or that we will always be fine. But these accidents happen and you say: 'Wow'.

What will we see of you?

It is the first season that in each episode I am there and I have recorded too much, I let go more.

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