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Dogs Kill Grandmother In New York

Dogs Kill Grandmother In New York
Dogs Kill Grandmother In New York

Video: Dogs Kill Grandmother In New York

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A 67-year-old grandmother living in Dutchess County, New York, died at home after being savagely attacked by her two hunting dogs.

Pleasant Valley Police reported that Arlene Renna was attacked on Saturday inside her home on Barkit Kennel Road. The woman, who was alone at the time of the attack, was found by her unconscious husband and lying inside her room at around 4:00 pm State police and volunteers from the Fire Department responded to the emergency call, however, the The woman died at the scene as a result of her injuries, according to Daily Freeman.

A police investigation determined that the victim's injuries were consistent with dog bites. Renna and her husband, Joe, had two hunting dogs, the coonhounds, who are responsible for the attack.

Sadly, the tragedy happened just a day after Renna celebrated her daughter Jillian's 31st birthday, according to The New York Post.

John Taylor, the victim's ex-husband, turned to Facebook to express the huge loss. Taylor and Renna were married for 21 years and had three children.

"Everything she did she did for herself and for others," she said. "People like Arlene can never be replaced, they can only live in our hearts forever and we should all learn from their example to be better people, to be a little more like them."

The dogs were made available to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and their fate will pass to a judge.

Attacks on a human by coonhounds are extremely rare. The only fatality reported in the United States by a similar attack occurred in 2014 when José Robles, a resident of Rockingham, Virginia, died when he was attacked by his dogs when he went out for a walk with his family, according to reports from The Daily Mail.

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