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Baby Georgia Dog Dies

Baby Georgia Dog Dies
Baby Georgia Dog Dies

Video: Baby Georgia Dog Dies

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Video: OUR FIRST PET DIED :( 2023, February

A baby just 22 days old died in Georgia after being bitten on the head by her family's dog.

The tragic incident occurred this Tuesday around 2:00 pm local time in the town of Gainsville, located in Hall County, northeast of Atlanta.

According to the sheriff, his offices received an alert call reporting that a mixed-breed husky dog ​​had bitten an infant in the head, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper.

The attack occurred when the baby was in her room resting, as confirmed by the officers who went to the scene.

Responding to the call, Hall County firefighters rescued the baby and rushed her to Northeast Georgia Medical Center where the minor died of her injuries.

The dog was taken into custody of the county Animal Control Office and no charges have yet been filed for what happened. The baby's identity has not been released.

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